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Start an Affiliate Site Quickly

This is a quick guide to starting an affiliate site.

The goal is to have a website that can grow, handle traffic, and facilitate the needs of the affiliate site.

Website Setup

The key to a good affiliate site is having a website that can perform well for Search Engine Optimization efforts, is easy to use, loads quickly, and can track your efforts. This build will help you design a quick website that meets all the criteria.

  1. Have a strong domain name. Make is simple to remember.
  2. Have a solid CMS that can help you manage the site and ad space. (We recommend WordPress)
  3. Add plugins that make the site runner better.

See the Full Build: Quick Start Guide to WordPress Site

Content Setup

Affiliate sites come in all sizes and fashions. The key is to create quality content that people want to read and is optimized for search engines. The easier way to set up these websites is to perform one of two functions:

  1. Lifestyle Site: Create a website that shows what a lifestyle is like.
  2. Review Site: Provide reviews of products in a cerain industry.
  3. Advice or Knolwedge Site: Provide comments on various topics and industries.

Research and Write

Research your industry and create content around the following ideas:

  1. Answer Questions: The classic “W’s” – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  2. Share your expeirence: Write from your experience. Start with processes and work into ideas and opinions
  3. Create how to guides: Write guides to help peple navaigte through some common challenges
  4. Promote Others: There are some great websites out there with quality info. Promote their efforts.
  5. Create Content: Create new content that is unique or an alteration of other content.
  6. Be a fliter: There are so many website out their with specilities. Be a filter and present information in a simpler fashion
  7. Engage Audiences: There are clusters of folks out on the web find topics and groups that you can engage with as new comer.

Tools for Research

  1. Reddit – There are communites coloborating and sharing ideas
  2. Instagram – Watch for Trending Topics
  3. Tik Tok – Scroll through recommendations
  4. Twitter – Watch for tredns
  5. SEO Tools (Details to Follow)

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